The Pet Fresh Logo

The Pet Fresh Logo

The Pet Fresh logo can be found below. You may use this logo for the following purposes:

  • A Newspaper/Journal Article
  • A Social Media Post
  • An advertisement (Sign or Poster)
  • Or have written authorization by an employee at Pet Fresh for your use case.
Please read the agreement below before downloading.

The dowload file includes all formats of the Pet Fresh Logo (PNG, JPG, EPS, PDF) and also all
formats of the Autoship Logo (PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF).

The Agreement 

By accessing this link, you agree to our terms and conditions.  Pet Fresh retains all copyright to our products, descriptions, and photographs.  Our designs are proprietary and no rights whatsoever are granted to use or replicate them without our prior explicit and written permission. This also means you may not copy them or reverse-engineer the designs or put your name or label on Company’s products.

Our logo in its normal coloured form works best on a white background. Black and white could be used also either on a white or inverted onto a black background.