Bulk Ordering: Recyclable Buckets & BYO Container

Recyclable Buckets & BYO Container

Everything you need to know about our Hired Containers and Information about providing your own.

We package our ‘bulk orders’ into 5kg containers, which are re-useable. These containers have a loan fee of $10.00 and must be returned on your next visit.

Hired Containers General Information:

1. When you bring back your container, we WILL NOT charge you again.

2. If you bring back your container without being issued a new one or bring it in before you collect your order, it’s our policy to refund you the $10.00 (or price paid) back to the card or issued an in-store only credit note. We will no longer accept the containers without issuing discounts.

3. If you decide to stop using our containers for bulk orders, you can return the container for the $10.00 refund or in-store credit note.

Provide your own containers:

You can provide your own containers to us instead of using ours.

Your container(s) must match the following requirements:

• 5.5l or higher in volume

• Sealable (preferably with snap lock)

• Be given to one of our stores by Tuesday afternoon.

Credit Notes:

If we issue you a credit note, these are only available in-store and must be redeemed within 12 months of issue. We will provide you with a physical record of your credit note, and also store a digital version on our system under your name/email/phone number.

Cash Refunds:

We cannot refund a bulk container via cash. You must either accept a card refund or credit note.

January 2, 2022
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