How can I skip my next Autoship occurrence?

If you need to skip an auto-ship occurrence, you can easily change your next processing day on the account section on our website.

Step 1. Visit Scheduled Orders on the My Account Page. 

Step 2. Click on the blue calendar icon  (📅) and change your next occurrence to the Monday of the week you would like your order. e.g. If you normally get your order delivered on a Thursday, Select Monday.

Step 3. Click the Update button.

Step 4. You’re done, payment for your next occurrence will happen on Monday.

You can also Pause your Schedule until further notice. Click the pause button on the scheduled order page.

Need Help, Just Ask?

You can always email, call or visit us in-store at any point, and we will be happy to help modify your schedule.

January 1, 2022
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