Guide: Getting Started with Autoship

Autoship Getting Started Guide

Creating a PetFresh Autoship is simple and fast, you can add as many products as you wish at whatever frequency you wish. More general
information about Autoship can be found in the Autoship Home Page on the PetFresh Website.

Creating an Autoship: Adding Items to an order

Visit the PetFresh Website to begin placing your order:

  1. Visit the Shop Page to view our product range.
  2. Select a product you wish to add.
  3. If required select the size of the product.
  4. Enter the Quantity of the Product in the field.
  5. Click Add to Bag.

Repeat until your cart is full with all the items you wish to purchase.

Creating an Autoship: Selecting your Frequency

Once you have added all your items, click “View my Cart”, Check your items and click Visit Cart:

  1. Once at the cart page, select the “Autoship and Save 10./0” radio button.
  2. Select the frequency you wish. this can either be “Every Week”, “Every 2 Weeks”, “Every 3 Weeks”. “Every 4 Weeks”.
  3. Repeat for all items you wish to add to your schedule. Make sure you click Update Cart.

Creating an Autoship: Checking Out

Once you have selected your frequency, you will now have to enter your information. This information is stored securely. More information can be
found in our Privacy Policy.

  1. If you already have an account, click “Returning customer? Click here to login”.
  2. Enter your First Name & Last Name, Address, Postcode (Used for Delivery Calculation) and if you are not logged in, an email and
  3. You can enter any notes you wish for the packing or delivery team to action in the Order Notes Field.
  4. See the Items that you are checking out with, make sure that the ones you wish to create an auto with have a frequency under the Item
  5. Enter your Card Number. Expiry Date and CVC (The Number on the back).
    Please understand that this information is securely sent to your payment gateway for processing. Once the order is processed, both
    our payment gateway and our admin team are not able to see your card information. Your card can be changed in managing your
    autoship article. Please Note: Afterpay currently not supported with autoship. Please contact our team for more information.

December 30, 2021
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